#4 Agrochemical Regulations across five continents - North America

Regulations across five continents – This week's focus: North America

As part of our series on changing regulations around the world, this week we deliver insight into changing requirements on North American markets. To successfully position a product on the U.S. market, compliance with current regulations administered by the EPA is crucial. However, as the regulatory process is subject to continuous change, compliance with applicable regulations sometimes proves to be a challenge. Changes that have driven regulatory approval in individual cases in recent years, such as those that have occurred in the context of the pandemic, but also alignment of requirements with other legislatures means ongoing changes to the regulations governing regulatory approval. In the USA, chemicals and biologicals may fall under different legislation, such as EPA, FDA, and USDA. In addition, there are cases where these legislations may overlap. Therefore, a fine line might result in a product being regulated under one regulation while not under another. For example, the labeling claims, application, and mode of action play a crucial role in defining the related regulatory statute. Moreover, each state may carry specific requirements.

Contact our experts Negar Bahraini or Driss Benmhend for more insights on the handling of crop protection products in the North American market or read the full article here.

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