Global Supply chain Summit 2016

Global Business Summit 2016

Three-day Summit focusing on the business implications of REACH and global supply chain issues with add-on workshops.

Day One of the Summit focuses on the business implications of REACH.  The day starts with a keynote presentation from Andrea Paetz of Bayer AG which considers the business value of REACH.  Following this, three sessions during the day will look at:

  • How REACH drives innovation - featuring industry case studies
  • Evaluation under REACH
  • Authorisation under REACH

Day Two will take a closer look at supply chain issues.  The morning session begins with a high level panel featuring regulators from the EU and USA, together with UNEP who will examine how regulation is ensuring the safe use of chemicals globally.  The next session highlights Product Stewardship on both sides of the Atlantic including best practice and supply chain issues.  The afternoon is devoted to industry supply chain case studies.

Day Three is focused on Green (Sustainable) Chemistry.  The day begins with a keynote presentation from Professor Rodney Townsend, The Royal Society of Chemistry - A look at the landscape for Green Chemistry. Followed by:

  • The EU and how reach is shaping green chemistry
  • Lastest developments in the US
  • Alternatives assessment, recent developments.
23 February 2016 to 24 February 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Contact Person: 

Dr. Thomas Berbner
Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH