Global Crop Protection 2017

Global Crop Protection  Conference 2017 will highlight the newly developed alternatives to chemical pesticides, new innovations like eco-friendly Pesticides, Fertilizers and Herbicide, effect of climate change on crop production, benefits of integrated pest management, use of innovative technologies for favourable crop production, and also discuss the impact of advancements of current or newly developed governmental policies on the crop protection industry.

Global Crop Protection Conference also aims to assist the industry experts to understand the new tools for agroecosystem management, projections for seed coating materials market, bio-control market, seed treatments and seed enhancements to extend the crop protection window, and phytobiomes enabling sustainable and profitable production of crops to meet global demands while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

This conference will provide a global platform to the Agriculture and Food industry, Crop Protection Manufacturers, Fertilizer Manufacturers, Chemical Specialist, Extension and Crop Specialists, Policy Makers, Agricultural Crime Units, Agribusiness Dealers, Environmental and Natural Distributors and others involved in Food and Agriculture Security Planning for enhancing their knowledge with a global overview of the sector, exploring the latest innovations, and managing the key changes taking place in the industry.


Dr. José Joao Carvalho is Head of Global Business Development and Regulatory Policy for Agro dossiers at Dr. Knoell Consult, an independent service provider for Regulatory Affairs and Product Registrations since 20 years. With his regional teams, José is looking after new regulatory policies and guidance development in the different regions, focusing on regulatory frameworks impacting agriculture productivity: plant protection products (chemical and non-chemical solutions), new application technologies, soil-less technologies, soil amendments, genetic varieties, water policy.

Previously he was an European and Global Registration Manager for crop protection and biocide products, coordinating active ingredient and product’s dossiers for approval by national regulatory agencies (market-assess) in different regions, on behalf of several R&D multinational companies.

13 March 2017 to 14 March 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Contact Person: 

Dr. José Joao Carvalho