China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop 2017

Statistics have revealed China’s descending proportion of export of pesticide technical versus ascending proportion of export of formulation from 2011 to 2016. In 2016, China’s export of pesticide formulation rose from 754,800 tons amounting to $2.28 billion up to 879,300 tons amounting to $2.406 billion, which increased respectively 10 percent and 6 percent.

While more and more pesticide formulation products are going global, Chinese agrochemical enterprises are confronted with new issues and new challenges.
- How to launch product adapted to different market locations?
- How to avoid making mistakes on formula research and development?
- How to fill up the information gap concerning governing laws and regulations as applicable to formulation production and the procedures of registration in target market?
- How to locate local marketing channel and establish partnership?
- How to solve the problem of lack of competent employees in local market?
AgroPages is planning to organize the China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop in Shandong Province this August, to be participated by government departments in charge, agro-technical experts home and abroad, and representatives of agrochemical enterprises. The Workshop will focus on discussion of opportunities and challenges to Chinese agrochemical enterprises in the course of upgrading themselves from export of technical material towards export of formulation products. Discussions will also address the issue of identification and utilization of overseas marketing channels and formulation research resources to explore terminal market, which is important in doing business under present globalization background. 


Topics of Discussion (including but not limited to):
- Analysis of mainstream formulation products in different markets
- R & D and application of novel formulations worldwide as a reference for Chinese pesticide formulation development.
- Identification and utilization of overseas marketing channels and formulation research resources to explore terminal market
- Formulation product research and development adapted to target market
- The change of market promotion mode in line with the change of export of technical material to export of formulation products according to the business nature of prospective customers
- Localized team building  
- Miscellaneous
29 August 2017 to 31 August 2017
Qingdao, Shandong Province,China
Dr. Xiaohua He Managing Director
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