Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference

The conference aims to provide practical and first-hand information on product authorisation/registration for companies with markets across Eastern Europe and companies interested in marketing their products across Eastern Europe.

This year’s event focuses on:

  1. EU regulatory environment and changes (BREXIT, REFIT)
  2. Withdrawal of active substances and consequences for the agriculture
  3. Art. 43 renewal challenges/Country reports
  4. Future of plant protection products (biocontrol products)

We are pleased to announce that knoell’s Head of Business Development and Regulatory Policy for Crop Protection, Dr. José João Carvalho, is chairing Session 4 – Biocontrol products, on day 1 (9th April) of the conference. You can also hear him share his thoughts on Streamlining the authorisation procedure of plant protection products” in the session EU regulatory environment and changes.




9 April 2019 to 10 April 2019
Budapest, Hungary