AgChem Summit 2017: Regulations For Biologicals

CPS/Knoell USA will be presenting at Session IV: External Influences on Regulations for Biologicals. This session will focus on how external elements from modern life, like social media, influence the biologicals industry, and impact health and safety. Don’t miss the talk “How the global agenda is being set in plant protection – the role of the public”, by Dr José Carvalho, on the 6th June at 16.15h (local time, Raleigh)


About AgChem Summit 2017

The AgChem Global market products are projected to grow in 17% (CAGR), which will reach $8.82 Billion by 2022. Our topics will be about regulations and new rules in the national and federal laws, as well as the importance of labeling and good management of pesticides and how can affect the industry. Today we are seen the impact that pesticides are having in multiple areas like water, crops, human health and collateral effects in long term. Our interest is to analyze the actual and new possibilities for bio pesticides and their efficacy. We are organizing this event to congregate the most important actors in the industry. Among those companies we find researchers, producers, import/export, retail distributors, end users, etc.

AgChem Summit 2017 is the place to meet and hear the best speakers in the industry, learn about new regulations, tendencies in the industry, challenges in labeling, bio economics, use of new products for the farming and food industry. The most successful companies in the value chain, networking with your peers will open new possibilities for your business. 

The conference will help promote discussion around education on:

AgChem regulatory environment

Interest into research and development for Bio stimulants and bio pesticides

Unique perspectives from end users

Regulations for bio pesticides and bio stimulants

Importance of labeling

New biologicals coming into the market

Case studies and good management of biologicals

6 June 2017 to 7 June 2017
Raleigh, North Carolina/ USA
Contact Person: 

Dr. José João Dias Carvalho