3rd Annual Prague Biocide Conference

Following two previous successful biocide conferences, the 3rd Annual Prague Biocide Conference concentrates on the forthcoming challenges and experiences learnt from recent developments and what the future holds for the regulatory environment.

The conference is applicable for those involved in the biocides industry and is ideal for meeting representatives from a wide range of EU competent authorities as well as experts and industry participants from across Europe. It will focus on progress in active substance approvals and product authorisations as well as the expected workloads for industry with a special emphasis on SMEs.

The conference will provide plenty of great opportunities for networking with fellow participants, include interactive discussions during Q&A and panel sessions and provide a great platform for service providers to showcase their services in a friendly and open environment.

22 June 2017 to 23 June 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
Contact Person: 

Dr. Benedikt Weber  bweber@knoell.com