Veterinary Medicine

The key to maintaining the health, welfare and productivity of our animals

Our subsidiaries Cyton Biosciences Ltd. and Triveritas Ltd. are the leading European veterinary consultancies providing specialist product development and registration services as well as veterinary clinical trials to GCP and VICH standards to the global animal health industry. From proof of concept through to registration and beyond we have expertise in depth covering all therapeutic classes, target animal species, product types and delivery routes.

Our services with regard to veterinary medicine

  • Dossier part I: Preparation and submission
  • Dossier part II: Quality
  • Dossier part III: Safety
  • Dossier part IV: Efficacy
  • Generic approvals
  • Environmental safety
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Vaccines, biologicals and immunologicals
  • Dossier audits: Data gap analysis and expert services
  • Feed additives legislation
  • Nutraceutical legislation
  • Global veterinary clinical trials to GCP and VICH standards
Helen Edwards Managing Director
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Dr. Karolina Bate Managing Director
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A global network for veterinary medicine

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