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Thanks to our many years of experience in regulatory compliance we know your market, your challenges and your needs. We also know that time is of the essence and quite often a constraint. Working in close collaboration with you, our dedicated team of IT specialists, scientists and regulatory affairs managers will support you in identifying areas where automation could help to increase the efficiency of your day-to-day work. But automation will not only save time, it will also minimise errors and therefore reduce the required investment in quality checks.

We will automate recurring tasks and processes for you and also speed up the way your reports and dossiers are created. We develop .NET-based tools and customised Microsoft Office add-ins (C#) based on your requirements.

We comply with the IEEE industry standard in order to ensure standardised software specification and development.

Once the software is up and running, we will take care of maintenance, any necessary customisation and secure archiving.

efam - knoell's very own software product

For EU registrations estimating the environmental exposure of pesticides requires considerable time, complex model simulations for each environmental compartment need to be created. In order to reduce the effort required for these assessments, knoell developed efam (environmental fate automated modelling).

efam, our newly developed software product, bundles and fully automates the parameterisation and model simulations for the surface water and ground water compartments as required for registration of pesticides in the EU on high-performance servers.
Based on the standard FOCUS models required for registration of Plant Protection Products in the EU, efam optimises time-consuming workflows and processes, extracts customised data for dossiers and reports and reduces the effort required for quality control.

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efam – The Details


  • Run-time reduction through automated parallelisation of modelling calculations
  • Flexible and modular structure
  • Customised integration and updating of new model versions
  • Tailor-made reporting and results tables
  • Optional: calculations on remote high-performance servers


  • Fast processing of modelling tasks
  • Improved quality control thanks to fewer manual work processes
  • Use within a secure and externally audited IT infrastructure
  • Integration of future model versions
  • Basis for higher-tier modelling
  • IEEE industry standard

efam helps to...

  • Centralise input data for several models in one database
  • Reduce errors by automation of parametrisation
  • Optimize quality assurance processes
  • Speed up exposure modelling itself and the creation of results tables
  • Reduce time needed for parametrising models and updating documentation